Project Design

You have an idea and we help you turn it into a project.

Grant Writing

We help you write a successful application, for public or private funding from the local to the international level.

Application Review

You’re writing an application for funding and we help you revise and tailor it.

Finding Partners

Introducing you to associates who best fit and strengthen your project.


We help you work out and present a realistic, manageable budget.

Project Management

We can help you structure your project for ease of management, offer trainings, or even manage the project for you.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We can provide tools or experts to monitor and evaluate your project.

Expert Research

We can provide external expert research to support your project.

Trainings, Workshops, and Panels

We can create and run trainings, workshops, and panels for your project, or handle the logisitics to support you and your staff.

Event Planning

We can help with any and all aspects of event planning for your project.

Budget Management

We can keep track of your budget for you, or train you and your staff to do it.

Interim Reports

We can help produce interim project reports, narrative and financial, to keep funders in the loop.

Webinars, Podcasts, Videos, Blogs

we can produce or support you in creating digital products like webinars, podcasts, videos, and blog posts for your project

Website and Social Media

We can handle your digital communications, including your project website and/or social media accounts

External Evaluation

We offer external evaluation of your project for funders

Final Reports

We can help produce final project reports, both narrative and financial, to inform funders at the close of your project

Next Steps

We can help you strategize next steps, from how to give continuity to the project’s outputs to what to do as a follow up

Contact us for trainings on grant-writing, project management, event planning, communications, or budget monitoring to help your team perform at its best.