Where are you on your project arc?

Whether you’re just getting started and need help turning your ideas into a viable project, you’re in the thick of it and could use a hand with running things or producing deliverables, or you’re wrapping up and want to make sure everything gets closed down and reported properly, Project Arc can help. Our services are designed to ensure your project’s success, providing guidance and support at every point along your project arc.

Marc Francesch Camps

Arts Administrator

“…Budgetary control and monitoring is key to the sustainability of projects […] Eva has excelled in managing situations where she had tight margins but complex actions…”

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Monica Buzali

Art Therapist

“Eva is a very professional, determined, organized, kind and patient person. I had the great fortune to collaborate with her on a European project that she led entirely on her own…”

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Marcel Odina

Nonprofit Manager

“…Eva was responsible for a remarkable five-fold increase in our awarded funds, thanks to her exceptional grant writing expertise. Her strategic approach and dedication transformed the organization’s financial stability…”

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Clara Jáuregui


“Eva’s preparation and knowledge ensured that our association was able to meet all the project objectives. Her guidance and accompaniment in the process were decisive in order not to get lost in the complexity of the system…”

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