Project Arc is a boutique consultancy providing support all along the arc of your project. With a proven track record of successful grant applications, engaging events and workshops, expert research, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting for projects with local government, private, and EU-level funding, Project Arc has everything you need for your project to succeed.

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Eva Fortes

Founding Director & Head Consultant

Results-driven EU projects consultant with a strong background in navigating EU-funded initiatives and fostering successful collaborations. With proven expertise in writing up and managing EU projects, Eva Fortes has contributed to ventures such as the Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities (RECI), UParticipate, and FutureUp.

Specializing in multi-partner European projects with a focus on minorities, she excels in proposal writing, project management, and successful project execution. Notably, she secured the highly competitive La Caixa doctoral fellowship.

A native English speaker trilingual in Spanish and Catalan, Eva Fortes has two decades of professional writing and editing experience. She holds an Ivy League bachelor’s degree in literature from Columbia University and a master’s degree in political science from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where she will soon defend her doctoral thesis.

Evangelos Kapros


Expert in strategy, AI Ethics, and R&D management. Inventor of 7 pre-patent AI technologies with a track record of 15+ years in managing R&D innovation of €100 million in value.

Pioneered academia-to-industry collaborations in Human-Computer Interaction for regulated industries (mainly EdTech, but also immigration and defense tech, as well as cancer research), resulting in 40+ private-public partnerships.

His leadership and management skills include the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, manage multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers, and subject-matter experts, and apply the principles of systems innovation to communicate with diverse business stakeholders.

Dr. Libby Maman


Dr. Libby Maman is a seasoned researcher, consultant, and thought leader in the field of impact measurement and evaluation.

As an expert in trust and public policy, her work has been recognized with prestigious awards and published in top academic journals and global media outlets.

She is the founder and directing manager of Luminata, a Barcelona-based consultancy that helps mission-based organizations measure and communicate their impact.

Jane Axbey

Head of Communications

Surely, one of the main challenges of a European project is to guarantee the connection between what was planned at the time of defining the project and that of its implementation, while ensuring that the generated impacts are indeed relevant: Eva always maintains this view throughout the process.

Budgetary control and monitoring is key to the sustainability of projects, which involves not only accounting, but conscious decision-making in order to generate the best possible experiences within the available capacity for action. In this sense, Eva has excelled in managing situations where she had tight margins but complex actions.

The area of European values and citizenship still faces a low public awareness, at the same time that it is an issue that fits perfectly with the local and national challenges of the Catalan and Spanish context. Eva has been able to find not only these connections at a theoretical level in the formulation of the proposals, but also in their implementation, while involving various groups.

Marc Francesch Camps

Arts Administrator

Eva is a very professional, determined, organized, kind and patient person. I had the great fortune to collaborate with her in a European project that she led completely on her own, she was very dedicated to contacting schools, organizing working and teaching groups, coordinating events, designing workshops and creating webinars. I have learned and learn a lot from her as I still ask her today for advice on project management.

Monica Buzali

Art Therapist

Eva’s preparation and knowledge ensured that our association was able to meet all project objectives. Her guidance and accompaniment in the process were decisive in order not to get lost in the complexity of the system.
Eva was our guide in the complex process of applying for, implementing and justifying our association’s European projects. Without her preparation, we would not have been able to achieve the proposed goals, nor would we have developed them in such a satisfactory way.

Clara Jáuregui


I used to work in a nonprofit that constantly saw its proposed budgets slashed even when its grants were approved. Eva was responsible for a remarkable five-fold increase in our awarded funds, thanks to her exceptional grant writing expertise. Her strategic approach and dedication transformed the organization’s financial stability. Furthermore, she proved to be an invaluable asset when it came to reporting, especially on European projects. She expertly navigated the significant challenges involved and acted as an excellent liaison with the EU officers, ensuring clear communication and compliance.

Marcel Odina

Nonprofit manager